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Natural Stone is one of the oldest and most elementary building materials – and a main habitat for lichen. With new techniques it is possible to form stones faster and in more diverse shapes. Hence it is still pioneering work to design these techniques. Stone also has antibacterial behavior, is easy to clean and will last very long. The multi-sensorial experience with stone is also pretty unique.

Yes, it is proof and we didn’t have any issues.

However, if possible please wash it by hand.

Even if it is stone, please be careful with the cups. Despite the materials, the cups can be fragile. 

If the objects have a crack, please reach out at

Simiaen stoneware is being produced in Südburgenland, Austria by Stein Schwarz.

Simiaen lichen tea is being produced in Vienna, Austria – in beautiful collaboration with Saint Charles Apothecary.

Simiaen emerged from the docu-fictional project Unseen Edible, in which Julia Schwarz imagines a world where lichen are prevalent and commonly consumed. Lichen are a composite organism of algae and fungi and they offer a great deal of nutritional value. They are rich in Vitamin D, B12, Mg, Fe & Iod.

Lichen are categorized novel food and not yet approved for the conventional food market. However, in the pharmaceutical industry they are registered and commonly used. You may also know Icelandic Moss from your lozenges for a sore throught

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